running2win Mobile App Reviews

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App crashes too often to be useful

Im on a college XC team and Ive found that the app crashes often enough to where logged runs will no longer load. The app (at least for myself and a few team mates) is currently useless until an update fixes this.

Something wrong with app

White box covering up when I use the GPS timer which does not allow mileage to incur. Please help!!! I use this app every day!!

Great App, Theres a few bugs

Its the best way to log runs; my whole team uses it. However, there are a few bugs Id like to see fixed. You cant change your profile picture in the app and when you log a workout and then go back to the calendar the loading symbol annoyingly lingers.

Slow loader

This app is good for tracking your runs but its very slow. It take forever to log a workout because everything on it takes a long time to load.


Ive been waiting for this for so long! I love r2w and this app has been a huge lifesaver since my laptop crashed. The app is even easier to use than the website!!! Thanks Hoya!!

The best running App!

Great app - great website - more people need to learn about this!!

Awesome App

So thankful my favorite running site is now also available in an app.


The dirtiest

Great App!

Wonderful app for runners of all levels, very easy to use and convenient to have on your phone. Love that you can keep track of your shoe mileage! R2W has always been a great running resource and this app only enhances that.


I was so excited that running2win is easily accessible on my iPad and pod where I can log my runs without having to log on. I just wish it had the week totals and charts.


Awesome app!!!! I finally have something at my fingertips to allow me to log my runs and stay on track with my training. Yea R2W!!!!!!!

Very User-friendly

Been using the website for years, and this well developed app adds a whole new dimension! Very user friendly. Love it.

Great app!

Great way to get your run logged when on the road or just cant access via PC

Great app

Its a great app. Easy to use. Easy to log runs and workouts.

Great App

Makes it easy to log runs when a computer is not close by


So so so much easier to simply make my run entry from the phone. I dont get behind on logging any more. Who wants to fire up the laptop when theres an iPhone app?

Good app to accompany a great website

Been using the website for over 4 years. I would recommend for any runner beginner or elite. The app allows a faster way to log my runs and has additional features not available on the website.

Not happy

Just finished a run. It erased my workout before I had a chance to see it. Going back to map my run app. Its better and its free!

Good app

Finally starting to log miles because of this app.

Great App

Love the website & love the mobile app. Easy to log runs/very simple format. Still use web version more but nice to have app when on the go.

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